Update 1

Gwen arrived at the Center from a local rescue partner and little did we know that she was expecting some kitties! She was only 20 weeks old when she came and our medical team discovered she was pregnant. Spaying and neutering our pets help us control pet homelessness and prevent euthanasia, but there are also medical and behavioral benefits the animals get by being spayed (females) and neutered (males).

Gwen is a baby with babies, a situation we were happy to catch early on to ensure all kittens in the litter were safe, spayed or neutered, and adopted! If you are interested in adopting one of the cuties, ‘Follow The Litter” you will get to know each one and a little about their personality and stay updated on when they will be available for adoption!

Update 2

Around the end of May, Gwen went home with an amazing foster family, where she was able to wait for her babies to be born. Her foster mom shared with us that some of her favorite activities were watching dogs run around on TV, and staring at birds outside the window. She was staying alert, trying to gain experience on how to be a great mom for when her babies get here.

Update 3

After a few weeks of waiting, Sally, Sanchez and Flint finally made Gwen a happy momma. Since day 1 she was snuggling them all day, trying to protect them from anyone who would get close to them and wouldn’t even allow her foster mom to take pictures of her kitties.




Check out the Cuddles!

Update 4

Babies are looking 👀 adorable! Sanchez, Sally, and Flint have opened their eyes and are ready to explore the world. Even if it’s just at their fosters home, there is plenty of new thing they are getting ready to do for the first time. So far, they have been very interested in getting out of their box. They must know fun is awaiting behind those walls.

Thanks to their foster mom we are able to see that these kitties are very adventurous and playful by day, and love to get some lovely snuggles at night. Some of their favorite activities so far are playing, cuddling, and exploring a human bed! Gwen is very happy to be able to do both things with her babies.


Update 5

‘Gwen and babies’ came into our Center for a medical check and turns out they are all growing healthy and happy. Momma Gwen is very protective of her babies and won’t let them get too far from her side. She is staying alert to any possible dangers her kitties may face, seems like her days of watching dogs on TV and birds out the window really prepared her to be a great mother.


The way they stay close to each other is so cute, no matter where one turns the rest follows.

Flint looks just like momma!


Update 6

Where did the tiny babies go?!?

Like any mother would say ‘they grow so fast’ 😭 it’s been so nice to see the progress Gwen’s babies have had! The love and attention they get from their foster family have really helped them experience what coming into a loving world is. If you are interested in giving one of them a forever home where they can continue to grow and be loved make sure you stay tuned to find when they will become available for adoption!


Update 7

Kitties turned 7 weeks and are desperately waiting to be ready to find their new family!
Sanchez, Sally, and Flint are adventuring inside their foster’s home and love to find thrilling places where they can develop their jumping and landing abilities. They have discovered toys and scratching poles, and they truly enjoy their play time.





Update 8

One last check before their surgery! If you have been following Gwen and babies’ story and you are patiently waiting to adopt one of them, your time is coming!!! Will you choose the thrilling and fiercely personality of Flint? Are you maybe looking for an active kitty that loves to nap after play time like Sanchez? Or are you going the extra mile for Sally the queen of the litter, little miss loves attention, and knows she’s absolutely beautiful?

It doesn’t matter which one or ones you decide to adopt, what really matters is the second chance you give any rescue pet at having a happy and loving life. When you chose to adopt a pet, they forever reward you with love and company. These little babies have shown that they love to spend their mornings and afternoons playing and exploring but they love to rest and are great cuddlers when the afternoon rest time comes around.

Update 9


Gwen and her babies had a succesful surgery and are now ready to find their furever homes. We have enjoyed this experience of seeing them grow and develop their kitty skills, and along the foster family who cared for them since day one we are happy to see them go into their own journeys. Gwen, Sanchez, Sally and Flint are ready to part their own way and find a happy home where they can live happily ever after. These adorable litter is very loving and energetic and will pur’fectly adapt on their own environment.

Update 10

We are happy to announce that Gwen’s babies Sally, Sanchez and Flint have found their forever homes and are settling in purfectly. Gwen is still available for adoption, she is extremely sweet, and loves to cuddle. We have seen her play with small plush toys and feathery jingle wands and she really enjoys it. If you have followed Gwen’s story with us, and you were waiting to adopt her your time is here! Please come by our Adoptions center to meet her, our doors are open Monday through Friday from 11 AM to 6 PM and on the weekends from 10 AM to 6 PM.