Fundraising Tips For Kids

Small Ways to Make a Big Impact for Animals!

Raise funds for animals by doing your own fundraiser!

Follow these simple steps to start your very own fundraiser.  Make sure you check with your parents or teachers before you get started:


  1. Pick a fundraiser you want to plan. (See below for some great ideas.)
  2. Decide the date, time and location for your fundraiser.
  3. Promote your fundraiser as much as possible!  Make flyers and hand them out in your neighborhood, local stores, and at your school and be sure to tell as many people as you can.
  4. Print Helen Woodward Animal Center brochures to pass out to people during your fundraiser to help them learn about the cause you are supporting.
  5. After your fundraiser is finished, be sure to thank everyone who helped you!  Send letters or emails to update people who donated to your cause or helped with the fundraiser to let them know how much money you raised and how much they helped you.

Fundraiser Ideas for Kids

  • Host a car wash or dog wash: Ask your local gas station if you could host your car wash at their location or ask your local groomers if they would donate some dog shampoo.


  • Start a dog walking service: Offer your neighbors or friends to walk their dogs in exchange for a donation. This will help them if they are busy and will make their dog happy too!


  • Have a lemonade stand: Make your own lemonade to sell or ask a local market if they would donate lemonade to you for your fundraiser.


  • Organize a food or blanket drive: Ask teachers at your school if you could host a food or blanket drive at school. Put up flyers before the drive to let people know the dates that you will be collecting the dog/cat food or blankets.


  • Organize a sports event: Pick your favorite sport, such as a basketball or baseball game. Find sponsors to give a certain amount of money per point scored or base that was touched.


  • Start Coins for Critters at your school or in your classroom: Decorate canisters that will hold the coins. Talk to different classrooms at your school to explain what you’re doing and ask students to donate spare change. For more information and help with this fundraiser, please contact us at 858-756-4117 ext. 339.


  • Have a bake sale: Ask friends and family to donate baked treats for humans and for your furry four-legged friends too.


  • Have an art auction: Make art pieces or ask local artists to donate items. Auction off the art pieces and donate the money to the Center.


  • Organize a Read-a-thon: Ask people you know to donate money for each page or each book of an animal-related book you and your friends read.


  • Throw a dance or a party to raise awareness and funds: Ask a local band or musician if they would be willing to perform for free, or a discount and let them know the proceeds will be benefiting animals.


  • Start a club: Two minds are better than one!

    • Talk to your friends and tell them your ideas and goals.
    • If you want to start the club at your school, you may need to find a faculty adviser. (Maybe you know a teacher who likes animals?)
    • Find a place where your club can have meetings. Set a date and a time.
    • Make flyers and spread the word.

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