Girl Scout Trips and Activities With Animals

Girl Scout Activities To Earn Patches Or Badges For Daisies, Brownies, Juniors and Cadettes!

Helen Woodward Animal Center is a proud partner of Girl Scouts San Diego!

Helen Woodward Animal Center is proud to offer Girl Scout activities that help girls meet their requirements for Daisy, Brownie, Junior and Cadette badges or Journey series through interacting with a variety of animal species.

Earn a Badge!

Our badge earning activities for Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, and Cadettes offer Girl Scouts the opportunity to earn their Eco Learner Badge, Pets Badge, Animal Habitats Badge, and Animal Helpers Badge!

Our Girl Scout activities include 90-minute tours that meet ALL badge requirements and girl scouts will go home with the appropriate badge for their vest or sash.

Price: $15.75 + optional badge fee of $4.00. A minimum of 5 children is required to make this booking, however, you may bring less children on the day of the program. You will not be refunded the difference if less than 5 children attend.  Adults are $5 each. 1 adult is required to attend.

Animal Helper Badge

Habitats Badge

Pets Badge

Eco Learner Badge

Custom Trips

Our Custom Girl Scout Trip is the perfect opportunity for all ages to learn about and interact with a variety of animals and build compassion through visiting different departments at the Center or fulfilling community service work. You can even purchase a custom Helen Woodward Animal Center patch to commemorate the visit!  Each program is 90 minutes long and allows each troop to choose the activities and animals included in the tour for the ultimate customizable experience!

Option A: 4 animal visits and 1 Center activity
Option B: 2 animal visits and 2 Center activities

  • Girl Scout activities and available animals can be chosen from the lists below.
  • Animal interaction is dependent upon animal health and availability on a day-to-day basis.
  • Must be at least 5 years old to pet reptiles.

Price: $15.75 A minimum of 5 children is required to make this booking, however you may bring less children on the day of the program. You will not be refunded the difference if less than 5 children attend. Adults are $5 each. 1 adult is required to attend

The optional Helen Woodward Animal Center Patch can be purchased additionally for $5 each.

Animal Options

  1. Turtle or TortoiseLearn about the differences in their habitats.
  2. SnakeLearn about their unique adaptations and snake safety.
  3. Sheep or Goat: Learn about their peculiar digestive system and farm animal care.
  4. Bird (dove, parrot, or chicken): Learn about animal classifications and life cycles.
  5. Miniature Horse: Learn about the “jobs” they perform, both past and present.
  6. Madagascar Hissing Cockroach: Learn about misconceptions of these creepy crawlies.
  7. Lizard: Learn about their classification and interesting defense and protection methods.
  8. Rabbit or Guinea Pig: Learn about proper pet care and Pet Encounter Therapy.
  9. *Dog: Learn about canine body language and the importance of safety.
    *Dogs are already owned by someone and are part of our animal ambassador team. Their use is based on owner availability.

Center Activities

  1. Equine HospitalGo behind the scenes and see the different areas of the hospital.  Observe the steps a horse patient goes through during a surgery, and recovery. (Must be 7 years or older)
  2. Therapeutic RidingTour the barn, meet the program horses, and learn about the many benefits for disabled riders. (Must be 7 years or older)
  3. Community InvolvementParticipate in a unique activity to help the animals at Helen Woodward Animal Center.

*Tours of Adoptions can only be given during their hours of operation. See the Adoptions webpage for details. 

  1. Animal Enrichment

Pick one activity from the options below:

      • Sheep feeding encounter
        Guests will hand feed our sheep Bermuda hay pellets, which not only provides the sheep with an exciting special treat, but also teaches the sheep to become more comfortable around new faces. Recommended for any group size.
      • Small mammal socialization
        Assist with the socialization of our small mammals by pairing groups of children up with a mammal and allowing the children to read to the animal. This helps our animals get accustomed to new sounds and smells! Recommended for groups of 4-10 people.
      • Small mammal enrichment
        Create enrichment toys and food puzzles for our small mammals to enjoy! Recommended for groups of 4-10 people. 
      • Bird enrichment
        Create enrichment toys for our birds!  Recommended for groups of 4-10 people.
  1. Show You Care 
  • Write to therapy animals
    Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Pet Encounter Therapy Program uses a team of volunteers and their amazing pets to bring unconditional love to those in need. In this activity, groups will write thank you notes to these special animals to show how much we appreciate them! Recommended for any group size.

Looking for a seasonal Girl Scout Trip?

Your program fee helps support all of our adoptable animals, as well as the many human and animal services Helen Woodward Animal Center provides.

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