Virtual Education For Kids with Helen Woodward Animal Center

Virtual Education Program

It can be tough to find engaging virtual presentations, but the education animal ambassadors are sure to captivate the crowd! These interactive and informative programs are perfect for schools, Scout troops, families and anyone else who loves to see adorable animals.


Find the most applicable program type for what you need below. Clicking its link will take you to that program’s main page where more program details and curriculum options exist. Once you’ve selected the type of program you’d like to make virtual, contact us to book the appointment and solidify details. All virtual programs are the same length and cost, regardless of type. Not all of our normal programs can be converted to virtual, but ask us to learn more!


By appointment: Contact us at 858-756-4117 ext. 318 or education@animalcenter.org

Cost: $75 per group (40 person limit)

Duration: 60 minutes







Activities at Home

Check out these awesome activities that you and your family can do at home!

Explore with an adult and stay safe. Complete this scavenger hunt by finding the listed items around your neighborhood or yard. Color them in as you find them, collect them if you can (leave animals in their wild homes)!

Scavenger Hunt – Full Version

Scavenger Hunt – Short Version

Complete with adult supervision and stay safe! Sidewalk art is a great way to spread positivity and express your creative side. Write an uplifting message with chalk, create something with sticks, paint on a rock or come up with your own way!



Yoga is great exercise you can do at home! Ask your pets to be your workout partner, too. They might not get all the poses right, but maybe they’ll inspire some new ones! Show us what you’re made of by tagging @hwac.




There’s no place like home! While that’s a sentiment we might not be feeling right now, there are still ways to have fun indoors. One great way is to build a fort with items you have around your house. Show us what you construct by tagging @hwac.



We welcome questions! Feel free to call us and ask questions or contact us to book your virtual program today! Call 858-756-4117 ext. 318 or email us at education@animalcenter.org

Your program fee helps support all of our adoptable animals, as well as the many human and animal services Helen Woodward Animal Center provides.

For more information:
Please contact us at education@animalcenter.org or 858-756-4117 ext. 318

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Due to Hurricane Hilary, all  departments will be closing at 3pm today.  Stay safe!