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Kitten Happy Hour

Virtual happy hours have become all the rage during this quarantine period, but we’ve been doing it for years! Welcome back to Kitten Happy Hour. Every weekday during Kitten Season – right around the time you’d be logging in to have a sesh with your girls – we’ll be serving up deliciously adorable and adoptable kittens. There are 3 ways to join the party:

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Ladies, it isn’t about the number on the scale. (Unless you’re a foster kitten who needs to be weighed daily. Then it is about the number on the scale.) #MondayMotivation 


Once upon a time, mama Epsy tried to sneak away for a few minutes of peace in her she-shed. It lasted approximately 3 seconds. #TuesdayTails 


Teeny Tiny Teefers #WayUpCloseWednesday 


#ThrowbackThursday to our very first kittens of the year! Laurie and her kittens arrived back in October when her littles were just days old. They were adopted earlier this year. 


The weekend is upon us! White Claw, anyone? #FridayVibes 

MAY 11

May you take on the week with the same fierce confidence as Arya. #MondayMotivation 

MAY 12

Sometimes, newborn kittens arrive without a mother and completely depend on our foster volunteers for survival. Besides round-the-clock bottle feedings, fosters also go above and beyond in other ways. For instance, they will brush kittens with a toothbrush to mimic their own mother cleaning them. (We’re not crying, you’re crying!) #TuesdayTails 

MAY 13

Saturn, your eyes are out-of-this-world gorgeous. #WayUpCloseWednesday 

MAY 14

#ThrowbackThursday to when the P Kittens were just teeny tiny morsels 

MAY 15

Are you *so* ready for the weekend? Finn is one step ahead. #FridayVibes 

MAY 18

If you’re having trouble finding #MondayMotivation, you’re not alone. (Luckily, we have a whole week of adorable kittens in store for you!) 

MAY 19

I’m not really a doctor. I just play one on TV. #TuesdayTails

(Click here to meet all our Healthcare Hero pets!)

MAY 20

BOOP! #WayUpCloseWednesday 

MAY 21

The G Kittens #ThrowbackThursday

MAY 22

When it’s the weekend and you’re ready for adventure, but it’s also quarantine so you have to find it in your house… #FridayVibes 

MAY 25