Therapeutic Riding Horses at Helen Woodward Animal Center

Therapeutic Riding horses are special horses! These kind and generous animals make the Therapeutic Riding program possible. They are the heart of a dynamic team, helping people with disabilities achieve their goals in and out of the saddle. Let’s meet them!



Affectionately known around the Center as “Kansas Jack,” the 14.1 hand 14-year-old dark bay joined the program in the summer of 2017 all the way from Kansas City, MO. It was there that program manager Courtney first met Jack. His fun and playful, yet dependable, nature has made him a great addition to the program. In November of 2020, Jack was elected the first mayor of Helen Woodward Animal Center! He is thrilled at the honor and looks forward to serving his term with pride and distinction.

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Best Boy is a 14h, 27-year-old Welsh cross gelding. Just as his name suggests, Best Boy is very good at helping our riders achieve independence off lead!

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Dante is one of the youngest members of our herd, and probably the one with the most admirers! This striking buckskin has won hearts across the Center. Dante is known for his eagerness to please and willingness to learn. He works well with all types of riders, from those requiring help with balance and control, to independent riders working at the trot and canter.


Dante is generously sponsored by Vicki Brown.

Poquita Horse Head shot



Jodi has a long history as a lesson horse, teaching western and English riding skills to students in the area for many years.  Jodi joined our team on a lease in early 2023. Her owner knew first hand how well our horses are loved and cared for, being a former staff member! Jodi’s experience taking care of beginner riders has proved a great asset for our students gaining independence from the leader.

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Shiloh come to us from the same family currently leasing Beau to the program.  Although younger than Beau, Shiloh has a natural bravery, curiosity and affinity for people that will help her excel as in the program for many years to come. Shiloh works with clients both on the ground in our Equine Assisted Learning program, and under saddle in the therapeutic riding program.

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Sponsor Therapeutic Riding or a Therapy Horse

Without our therapy horses, the Therapeutic Riding program is not possible, and caring for them is no simple undertaking:

Sponsor A Horse and contribute to this important service. Your sponsorship will help fund the feeding, housing and medical care for a Therapeutic Riding horse of your choice.

You can make it possible for individuals with a wide range of challenges to ride and benefit from these magnificent animals. Thank you!

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