Azul & Her Colorful Kittens

Update #1

Meet Azul

Our 1st Mama Cat of 2019

Feline fans, rejoice! This time around, we’ll be following a mother cat and her kittens all the way from birth to adoption. Meet our new Follow the Litter mom: Azul.

Azul, a 3-year-old domestic longhair, was found as a stray at an apartment complex in Chula Vista. The apartment manager is a known cat lover and foster, so she believes Azul’s previous owners may have dumped her there because they knew she’d be taken care of.

Besides being gorgeous (with the softest fur and striking green eyes), Azul was also sweet and friendly. She loved being petted and rarely turned her purr motor off. She was clearly meant to be a family cat. The apartment manager contacted a local animal rescue to help Azul find a family who would cherish her the way she deserved.

Azul was in rough shape when she came to the rescue. In addition to a skin infection and broken tooth, Azul was pregnant. Unable to provide several months of care, the rescue group called Helen Woodward Animal Center, and we eagerly agreed to take in this deserving cat.

Azul arrived at the Center on January 29, 2019. She was a little apprehensive, but our staff could tell she had a sweet disposition. Azul soon went off to foster care, where she quickly made herself at home.

Azul’s special spot in her foster home

How many kittens do you think Azul will have? Find out in our next update!

Update #2

They’re Here!

Azul gave birth on March 6, 2019. After 37 days in foster care, we were so eager to see how many kittens she would have and what they would look like! Azul delivered three precious babies: two boys (Auburn and Azure) and one girl (Alora.)

The next day, Azul and her colorful kittens came to the Center for a check-up. The kits meeped loudly as each was examined and quickly returned to Mom.  After her exam, Azul enjoyed chin and bum scratches from our staff. In the end, everyone received a clean bill of health.

We can’t wait to watch you grow.

Update #3

The Cutest Kitten Trio

Azul’s kittens are getting cuter and cuter by the day! We’re told mama Azul is quite protective of her babies, but their foster did manage to snap a few photos of them. Here’s how they’ve been progressing over the last few weeks:

March 8 – 2 days old


March 18 – almost 2 weeks old


March 24 – almost 3 weeks old

Update #4

Surprise Kitten Visit

Azul’s foster noticed some rough patches of skin on her, so Azul returned to the Center on March 26 for an exam. Our vet prescribed antibiotics, and we’ll continue to monitor this beautiful mama closely.

Because the kittens are still nursing, they tagged along, too! We don’t typically see newborn kittens until they’re 4 weeks old, so it was a treat to have kitties this age in the office.

Azure was the most talkative!

Auburn was quiet and curious.

Alora was an adorable mix of both.

Update #5

We’re doing A-OK!

Azul keeps a watchful eye on her kittens as they set out to explore the world.

The A kittens continue to thrive in foster care. Let’s check in on how they’re doing:

Auburn is the leader of the group. On March 29, he was the first to weigh in at 1 pound, a major foster kitten milestone. This brave boy was also the first to venture outside their box.

Azure appears to be the biggest, but looks can be deceiving. Turns out, he’s all poof!

Alora may be the littlest, but we’re told she’s also the LOUDEST!

Stay tuned for a very special update. (Hint: it’s raining kittens!)

Update #6

April Showers (Bring Adorable Kittens!)

Did you know that Alora, Auburn and Azure moonlight as kitten calendar models? It’s true! On April 4, these tiny superstars returned to the Center for their 4-week check-up and vaccinations. But first, we snagged them for a springtime photo shoot, and boy did they work it!

Azure will shower you with love!


Meet Miss April herself: Alora!


Everything’s coming up Auburn!


If Azul could be any flower, she’d be a mum.

Update #7

Flower Power

Update #8

The A kittens are ready for Amazing homes!

The A kittens have been enjoying the past few weeks in foster care. They’ve learned so much about the world and grown into just the loveliest kittens.

After turning 8 weeks old and reaching the 2-pound mark, the kittens received their spay and neuter surgeries (which they came through with flying colors.) That brings us to the big announcement: Alora, Auburn and Azure will be available for adoption on Friday, May 10 at noon!

If you’re interested in adding one (or two!) of the A kittens to your family, you can download a cat adoption application here. Please keep in mind, all adoptions are first come, first serve.

Mama Azul won’t be far behind her babies. She is currently scheduled for her spay surgery and a dental surgery. After she recovers, this queen will begin her search for a forever castle. We will keep you posted on what that date will be!

Due to Hurricane Hilary, all  departments will be closing at 3pm today.  Stay safe!