Welcome to our latest installment of Follow the Litter, where we follow a litter of kittens from birth, through foster care, to adoption. Things are a little different this time around because these newborns were found without a mother. But don’t worry! They are receiving excellent, round-the-clock care from our amazing fosters. We’ll be giving you a glimpse into how these devoted volunteers take over the role of “mom” and save the lives of orphan kittens.

Update 1

Anyone who says black cats are unlucky hasn’t met Binx, Felix, Salem and Sylvester. These black and white beauties are some of the luckiest kitties we know!

Baby Felix and Baby Binx

A worker was on a job site when he discovered four newborn kittens inside his truck. With no sign of their mother, he gathered up the fragile kittens and drove them to Helen Woodward Animal Center. Even though we weren’t expecting their arrival, our Foster team jumped into action. They rounded up all the supplies needed for newborn kittens, including formula, tiny bottles and stuffed animals with a heating pad and beating heart to mimic mom. They also secured volunteers able to devote the next few weeks to these precious babies.

The kittens are currently 3 weeks old and becoming more curious and confident by the day! Come along with us on a journey as these four famous felines get ready to find forever families.

Update 2

Say hello to the new faces of Follow the Litter!


  • Female
  • Can talk to humans
  • Plotting world domination
  • Has black and white toes!


  • Male
  • Very animated
  • Wears a tiny tuxedo
  • The fluffiest of the bunch


  • Male
  • An old soul
  • Excellent at telling time
  • Missing half a moustache and would like it returned


  • Female
  • Fiercely loyal
  • Spellbindingly beautiful
  • Thinks myths about black cats are just a bunch of hocus pocus!