Week 1

Roll Call!

One of our rescue partners saved Monica and brought the pregnant 1-year-old Chihuahua blend to Helen Woodward Animal Center on February 4, 2020. Ever efficient, Monica gave birth in foster care less than 24 hours after her arrival.

Devoted mama Monica is determined to get her six puppies in peak form for the biggest day of their lives: Adoption Day-tona. Stay tuned!


Week 2

Meet the Squad

Monica’s squad includes two girls (Gabi and Lexi) and four boys (Morgan, Jerry, La’Darius and Will.) Each one brings something special to the squad.

Week 3

Reaching New Heights

The Cheer Pups continued to hit it hard in Week 3, becoming more active, mobile and vocal. (They have to find their voices; they are cheerleaders, after all!) They’ve also given their dear mother Monica some grief. As she tried to walk to her food bowl, half the puppies latched on to nurse and the other half tried to eat her kibble themselves!

Don’t worry about Monica, though. When she wasn’t focusing on her pups, this social girl was enjoying lots of attention and outdoor time with her foster family. Plus, she could eat her fill when the kids would pass out after a hard day of Puppy Practice.


Week 4

Ready For Our Close-Ups

On March 13, Monica and the Cheer Pups made their triumphant return to the Center. After receiving medical checks, they hit the mat at the HWAC gym. They also took their official team photos. Check them out!


Weeks 5-6

Bring It On

We are in the home stretch to Adoption Day-tona!


Week 7

Check Out Our trailer!

On April 1, the trailer dropped from our new Petflix docu-series. Check it out!


Week 8

Adoption Day-tona

April 4 was the day the Cheer Pups had been preparing for all their lives: Adoption Day-tona. With heads held high, they all went full out to impress adopters. Within a few days, the whole family (Monica included!) had found forever squads.

Everyone left feeling like champions! We hope they each celebrate by running into the ocean this summer at the dog beach.