Lacey and her textured kittens arrived at the Center about a month ago from our local rescue partners. When we first met them, they had not opened their eyes all the way and could barely make out sounds from our medical team.

All five kittens are now thriving in foster care and a few weeks out from adoption day. They may be the final feline litter from this year’s kitten season so we thought we would commemorate them with their very own “Follow The Litter” focus for the next couple of weeks! Watch this page to learn more about each kitten and the charming mother that brought them into this world! If you are interested in adopting them, keep an eye on this space for more information on their adoption day!


There’s nothing like a solid milk bar pic to kick off your Thursday! Lacey and her fabric kittens have been hunkering down in their foster home. While the kittens are only a few weeks old, they are bulking up fast and it’s only a matter of time until we find each of them a special home 🏡



Notice anything different about Silky and Wooley? They have extra toes! These little guys are polydactyl, meaning they have a genetic mutation in a dominant gene that helped form extra toes on their kitty paws.


They keep getting cuter!!!! 😱😱😱 We are happy to commemorate the end of this year’s kitten season with Lacey and her fabric kittens: Satin, Silky, Tweedy, Velvety, and Wooley. When we first met them, they had barely opened their eyes, and now we can’t help but be mesmerized by them.

All five kittens are thriving in foster care and are still a couple of weeks away from adoption day.


Thanks to our friends at Naturally Fresh Cat Litter, we are able to support the care of hundreds of cats each year, including our litter of fabric kittens. 🐈

Wooley and Satin took it upon themselves to check out some of the litter they sent across to ensure it met their needs, and it passed the test!

Want to know more about how this 100% walnut shell cat litter can do to help mask those odors and help with cleaning efforts? Check out www.naturallyfreshlitter.com/ for more information!


These textured kittens and their momma are just days away from becoming available for adoption & we have a big treat in store for all of our loyal “Follow The Litter” fans!

With that, we will still be providing updates on our fuzzy and funny kittens while we introduce our next “Follow The Litter” series. What do you think our next theme is? Here is a hint: 🧀🍽️


This “Follow The Litter” update is brought to you by Naturally Fresh!