Sweet’s Litter

FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Sandy 1 Week Old FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Samurai1 FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Sergio 1 Week Old FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Sasha 1 Week Old FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Skuddle 1 Week Old FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Sophie 1 Week Old FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Sullie 1 Week Old

These photos were taken when the puppies were 1-week-old. Their eyes were still closed, and they were eating constantly. They did not like leaving Mom to have their pictures taken! (But don’t worry, it was only for a few seconds.)

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Om nom nom! We always want to eat!
FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Lemme In FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Whole Family 1 Week Old
FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Ready for Foster
Here we are waiting to be whisked away to our new foster home. (Look at how all eight of us fit in this crate, with room to spare!)
 Settling into our foster home. We think we’re going to like it here.
FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_New Momma
FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Babies Lined Up
More Fun coming soon! Stay tuned.

We turned 2-weeks-old on February 13 and opened our eyes. Just look at us now!
Identical triplets, perhaps? (Except one’s a boy!)
FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Sergio Sophie Sullie
FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Sandy and Sasha
FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Samuari and Skuddle

Here are our Valentine’s Day Glamour shots:
FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Puppy Heart FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Nursing Hearts FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Puppies with Rose
Will you accept this rose? Come on a playdate with us!

Hi friends! We barely have time for an update because we were SO busy this week. We opened our eyes, learned to sit up, started chewing on each other and became mobile. Whew!
FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Puppy Pile FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Puppy Parade

The puppies are learning there’s a whole wide world beyond their kiddie pool, just waiting to be explored.

FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_What Do You See FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Why Spy Mom We spy Mommy!

We’re only 4-weeks-old, but we’ve already graduated…from our kiddie pool to a real bed!

FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Red Puppy Square FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Lets Snuggle

We love when our foster mom comes to get us in the morning. Just listen to how excited we are! She says we really started showing our different personalities this week.

On February 29, we went “bye bye” in the car and came to Helen Woodward Animal Center for our 4-week checkup.

FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Whats Out There

FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_sSandy 4 WeeksFollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Sophie and Sullie 4 WeeksFollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Sergio 4 WeeksFollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Sasha 4 WeeksFollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Skuddle 4 WeeksFollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Samurai 4 Weeks

Everyone agrees that Sweet lives up to her name, she is a total sweetheart!

FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Sweet 1FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Sweet 2FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Sleepy Puppies

Checkups are exhausting! Until next time, friends.

Week 5 update: Guys, guess what? We’re eating solid food now! It is SO yummy! (Also, we’re hearing rumors about something called “treats?” Know anything about that?)

FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Food 001FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Food 003


Here comes trouble!

FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Here Comes Trouble


This little table is no match for us!

FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Tug of War 001FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Tug of War 003











During Week 6, we discovered the greatest place on Earth: OUTSIDE!

FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Going Outside 1

Feast your eyes on the cutest thing you’ve ever seen: all seven puppies in a basket!

FollowTheLitter_NewYearNewLitter_Basket Time 1

Thank you for following Sweet, her puppies and all of their adventures! They will be available for adoption in the coming months. Be sure to follow our Twitter and Facebook pages for updates.