Java & Her Little Beans


Meet Mama Java


Welcome to our latest installment of Follow the Litter, where we track a litter of puppies or kittens (and their mom!) from birth all the way to adoption. We’d like to introduce you to Java, a 3-year-old Shepherd blend and brand new dog mama.

Java belonged to a family that had too many dogs, which only got worse after Java gave birth to puppies. A kind neighbor offered to help rehome Java and her newborns. The neighbor contacted one of our rescue partners, who then reached out to Helen Woodward Animal Center to see if we could care for this new family. Of course, we said yes.

After being passed around, this deserving girl is now in foster care and will start looking for a forever home in about 8 weeks.


Let’s Meet the Babies!

On December 3, 2018, Java gave birth to a litter of seven snuggly puppies: four girls (Jimi, Jambalo, Jelly and Josephine) and three boys (Juicy, Jason and Jack.) Here they are at 1-week-old! They haven’t opened their eyes yet, but they can already smile for the camera.

Fun Fact: Josephine is the biggest, and Jack is the smallest!

Update #3

Eyes Wide Open

Java and her juniors have comfortably settled in to their new foster home. The puppies have opened their eyes and are eating like champs. Here they are just shy of 3 weeks old:

Peeking Puppy

Two Peas in a Pod

Can you count all seven of us?

You’re a good mama, Java!

So what’s next for these seven sweethearts? They’ll soon start trying solid food and visit to the Center for their 4-week check-up. Stay Tuned!

Update #4

Being 4-weeks-old is FUN!

The jubilant J Puppies are halfway through their journey to adoption. In another 4 weeks, they’ll receive their spay/neuter surgeries and begin their search for forever homes. But for now, they’re still in foster care, getting lots of TLC from their mama Java and foster family. The pups are learning how to play with each other (i.e. wrestling!) and becoming more and more confident every day. Let’s take a look!


Thank goodness for microchips because many of us look quite alike!


Don’t forget about us!

Puppy Mayhem

Update #5

Welcome to Starbarks!

Welcome to the Starbarks coffee shop, where Java the Barista is brewing up specialty drinks! At 1-month-old, her pups have grown quite a bit since we saw them last (they barely fit into our extra large mugs!), but they’re still our seven little beans. Here are Java’s puppies re-imagined as coffee creations:

Pup-permint Mocha


Cold Brew Pawfee with a Shot of Adorable


Shepherd Blend


Bark Roast


Pup-kin Spice Latte


Vanilla Bean Chocolate Crème Caramel Dream Puppuccino
(It’s on the secret menu.)

Doggie Double Shot

Bonus Fun Fact: Mama Java’s favorite Starbarks beverage is the Java Chip Frap-paw-ccino!

Update #6

More Coffee House Cuteness

Dog Mom Java enjoys a rare moment of “me” time.


It’s stuck to me, isn’t it?


Uh oh, Jelly’s crashing. Need more caffeine stat!


Gimme all the coffee!

Update #7

Mama’s Going on Vacation!

After raising seven big babies, Java was in major need of some R&R. So mama’s going on vacation! Despite the sunglasses, Java actually isn’t going on a beach getaway; she’s going to a new foster home where she can get plenty of peace, quiet and cuddles. Plus, her puppies are independent and eating solid food, so it was time to make the switch. Java will be in this new foster home until she’s recuperated and ready for her spay surgery.

Enjoy your vacation, mama! You deserve it.

Update #8

Ready for Homes

You’ve watched them grow. Now the J Family is ready for their biggest milestone yet: finding forever families. Several of the puppies will be available for adoption on Friday, February 1! Mama Java and the rest of the pups will be available in the following days and weeks. Check our website often for current availability. Thank you for Following the Litter!

Due to Hurricane Hilary, all  departments will be closing at 3pm today.  Stay safe!