#IChoseToRescue Challenge Winners

Meet the winning pets and Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays organizations

Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays 2016 was a huge success! Not only did the campaign find families for 1,333,692 orphan pets, we shared the three amazing rescued pet winning stories through the #IChoseToRescue Challenge.

We received more than 950 entries for the challenge, and we couldn’t be more grateful for all the rescue pet parents who submitted their rescue pet photos and stories. Thank you all for advocating for pet adoption and orphan pets.

Special thanks to Blue Buffalo for providing our pet parents with a year’s supply of food and a generous donation of $500 to the organization each pet was adopted from!

October’s Winner – Bella, adopted from Last Hope Animal Rescue

“Bella was brought up from Missouri where she was left out in the country alone. Bella had a huge scar along her tail and more scars on her face and ears. We knew Bella had a rough life and wanted to make sure she had a forever home. Since then most of her scars have healed and she’s thriving in our home. We’re so lucky to have found her and to call her our Bella!”

November’s Winner – Clare, adopted from Dessin Animal Shelter

“Clare has quickly become my best friend, and she sure has come out of her shell. Clare had spent the entire summer at the shelter after being seized by the state. She was held as criminal evidence, and then because of her energetic attention seeking at the shelter, not many people were interested in her. Now she has become fully attached to me, and it’s great. I spend a lot of time in shelter environments as a volunteer, but Clare is the first one I have brought home for myself. I couldn’t leave her there!”

December’s Winner – Gotham, adopted from Saving One Life

“Gotham came to us from another Saving One Life foster family to make room for more kittens. Our resident cat was abused and is very shy. She has come out of her shell since we adopted Gotham. She doesn’t run from us anymore and even lets us pet her. She also plays with Gotham and chases him around. We laugh at him on a daily basis. We also have a 15-year-old son with autism and Gotham will seek our son out for some snuggles. We are so blessed to have him part of our home!”

This year’s #IChoseToRescue Challenge will begin October 1, 2017, at the start of Home 4 the Holidays. We can’t wait to see the stories!