#IChoseToRescue Challenge Winners

Meet 2017’s winning pets and Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays organizations

Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays 2017 was a huge success! Not only did the campaign find families for 1,279,908 orphan pets, we selected three amazing rescued pet story winners through the #IChoseToRescue Challenge.

We received more than 2,460 entries for the challenge, and we couldn’t be more grateful for all the rescue pet parents who submitted their rescue pet photos and stories. Thank you all for advocating for pet adoption and orphan pets.

Special thanks to Blue Buffalo for providing our pet parents with a year’s supply of food and a generous donation of $500 to each organization each pet was adopted from!

October’s Winner – Loki, adopted from Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue

“In 2016, at the age of 23, Alex’s life was changed forever from a spontaneous spinal bleed that left him a paraplegic. As parents, you search for something to bring back joy to your child’s life as he finds his new norm. Loki was born with a deformity that has made him a special-needs puppy, adjusting to three usable legs. The two have a bond that understands they are different, but also alike. My son smiles and finds joy in Loki and Loki lives a life playing and snuggling with a young man who sees how it is not the disability that defines you, it is how you maneuver the hurdle. Together, they are maneuvering the hurdle.”

November’s Winner – Enzo, adopted from 11th Hour Rescue

“Having animals in the house makes the house a home. Adopting animals in need is the most rewarding because you know you are saving a life and they appreciate it. My family adopts older dogs who don’t get much of a chance because they are not cute, little puppies. I believe children raised with animals have a better respect for life, show more responsibility and have more of an appreciation for wildlife in general. Not to mention dogs and cats are so darn cute and funny!”

December’s Winner – Tulip, adopted from Best Friends For Life, Inc.

“Tulip has made me realize that even when we think someone, or something, is at a disadvantage, they are stronger and more capable than we believe.

Tulip was a kitten who was left at the animal shelter. When staff found her in the morning, they realized she had no feeling in the bottom half of her body. When Tulip was taken to the veterinarian, the vet determined that it was an old spinal injury and the injury was untreatable.

However, when I took her home she saw my other three cats running, climbing the bed and the cat tree. Next thing I know I see her climbing the bed AND the cat tree with pure upper body strength. Since she was so small when she lost the mobility of her hind legs, she didn’t know the difference between the other cats and herself, therefore, she was able to do the same things they did.

Tulip continues to surprise me every day and she has made my life better, because she has shown how much a soul is capable of, if you do not put limitations on yourself. Now I know I can do anything anyone else does, I just need to believe in myself that I can do it.”

The next #IChoseToRescue Challenge will begin October 1, 2018, at the start of Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays. We can’t wait to see the pets and stories!