#IChoseToRescue Challenge Winners 

Meet 2020’s winning pets and Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays organizations

Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays 2020 was a huge success! Not only did the campaign participants find families for an estimated 1,232,540 orphan pets, we selected three amazing rescued pet story winners through the #IChoseToRescue Challenge.

We received more than 865 entries for the challenge, and we couldn’t be more grateful for all the rescue pet parents who submitted their rescue pet photos and stories. Thank you all for advocating for pet adoption and orphan pets.

Special thanks to Blue Buffalo for providing our pet parents with a year’s supply of food!

October’s Winner – Stella from Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan 

“As seniors, we are living in social isolation due to COVID-19.  It is wonderful to have a companion that is making us walk, making us play and just giving so much more activity to our lives.  We sure miss our kids and our grandchildren and Stella is helping us stay busy and joyful.”

November’s Winners – Samwise and Rosie from Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter in Arizona

“I just recently moved out on my own and they really make my apartment feel like home. I also had my family cat of 19 years pass a few months ago, so having this type of connection again really makes me feel whole. They’re so sweet and affectionate and having two warm fluffy kitties to wake up to in the morning really makes every day feel special.”

December’s Winner – Xandir from Humane Society of Pagosa Springs in Colorado

“Xandir has brought great joy to our lives.  He is special in that his life was nearly cut short by a nasty bout with parvo after he was surrendered to the shelter at 3 weeks old. The vet that treated him did not give up, even when his condition crashed and it looked as if there was nothing further that could be done to save him. Our two rescue dogs immediately took to Xandir, guiding him and showing him the ropes of our ways.  We are so lucky to have him as part of our ‘pack’!”