Mighty Masina’s Milestones

Newborn puppies and kittens change so much in their first few weeks of life. In just 2 short months, they go from completely helpless to independent and ready to take on the world. A perfect example is our feisty fighter, Masina the kitten.

July 9, 2020: Ten-day-old Masina arrives at Helen Woodward Animal in San Diego. She was discovered all alone on a balcony.

July 28, 2020: Masina’s first time in a bikini. (It’s not a milestone all kittens get to experience!)

July 29, 2020: After being fed round-the-clock by foster volunteers, Masina tries solid food for the first time – and loves it. Yum!

August 11, 2020: Masina has gone from frail feline to totally confident kitten. She is queen of her foster home. (Even the two resident dogs know she’s the boss!) She loves hunting toy mice, doing “Kitten Parkour” and showing off her sassy personality.


Without our dedicated staff and volunteers, Masina wouldn’t have even had the opportunity to hit those milestones. Be sure to meet all our mighty cats and kittens here.