Little or no hair and adorable wrinkles, the Sphynx loves attention. People usually love this special breed or hate them. They actively seek ways to interact with their people, expending energy or cuddling. They are even good company for other cats and dogs.

Meet Cleopatra, ears and all.

The naked truth is this tiny miracle of a bottle baby was rejected by her mom, which resulted in her getting special attention, like being fed from a syringe.


One of the most precious developments in Cleopatra’s story is Ballerina entering her life.

Ballerina was living on the street as a stray, pregnant. When she gave birth to her kittens, she also accepted little Cleopatra into her tribe. Now, Ballerina has been doing great, helping her kittens and newly adopted Cleopatra grow into the beautiful felines! When she arrived at the Center, the timing couldn’t have matched up more perfectly.

Stay tuned for a part 3 update as we share more details about this survivor and her babies soon.